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  • 100 MARATHONS ... AND COUNTING - One officer's improbable path to becoming a road warrior

    While it's taken Lt. Col. Amanda Preble 23 years to get from her first marathon to her 100th, the fact that she can run one at all is somewhat of a surprise. When she was a child, she had such a severe case of asthma that doctors told her mother she'd be lucky to walk around the block.Preble has spent her life proving the docs wrong.Today, when she
  • ORPHANED - Four-year-old boy loses parents to drunk driver

    "It's Mommy's birthday!" exclaims 6-year-old Nathaniel Britt, unable to contain his excitement.With a hop and a skip, he follows his grandparents, who are carrying a cake and 12 yellow balloons, out the back door of the house.When they get on the patio, his voice booms a hearty rendition of "Happy Birthday to You." Then he takes a balloon into his

    Nearly every Air Force pilot, having gone through undergraduate pilot training, would probably agree that the emergency procedures "stand up" was the most dreadful aspect of the 4:30 a.m. formal brief. I remember being a student in class 00-06 at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas, waiting for the stand up portion to start ... palms sweating, heart
  • SEVEN SUMMITS - A team of Airmen set out to conquer the highest peaks on each of the seven continents

    Driving my ice ax into the lip of snow separating our team from the summit of Antarctica's highest peak, I trusted its tenuous hold and took the last step up. The scenery during the entire trip was amazing, but nothing quite beats the view, or the feeling, that greets you on the summit when you are standing atop the bottom of the Earth.It is hard
  • MIRACLE ON THE MOUNTAIN - Sixteen years ago, an Air Force officer and his 10-year-old son vanished in a blizzard on the mountains of Turkey. Discover how they survived nine days of freezing temperatures in the rugged wilderness with no food or fire

    Ten-year-old Matthew Couillard's eyes couldn't seem to focus on the scene below, but his every instinct told him something was wrong, terribly wrong.His heart pounded in his chest.The scene slowly came into focus. Trees, snow, a stream. Then at the stream's edge ...A body!Half in the water and half on the shore, a man's decomposing remains lay with

    From actress Natasha Richardson's fatal ski accident in 2009, to the skiing deaths of Michael Kennedy and Congressman Sonny Bono less than a week apart at the end of 1997 and the beginning of 1998, respectively, mishaps on the slopes can affect anyone at anytime during the skiing season.Richardson's ski accident in Mont Tremblant, in Eastern
  • BIG DADDY IS WATCHING - Father finds a way to 'illuminate' dangers of road

    Two classic tales for little kids growing up are the stories of Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs. In both stories lurks the Big Bad Wolf, the dangerous foe for the little girl and the piggies.Col. John W. Blumentritt, Air Education and Training Command director of safety at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas, remembers sharing these
  • PLANE LANDS ITSELF AFTER PILOT EJECTS - Four decades ago in Montana, a pilotless F-106 guided itself to a miraculous landing

    In the Cold War Gallery of the Air Force's National Museum, one comes across a sleek F-106 interceptor from a long-gone era. Its outward appearance is not unusual. True, it is a sharp-featured, delta-wing beauty, but that is how all of the "Sixes" looked.However, this particular F-106 possesses a history that is truly extraordinary. That is because
  • A SLIPPERY SLOPE - Ski injuries decline, but fatalities hold steady

    Increased use of helmets and improvements in equipment have cut down on ski injuries. Reducing user error would make the sport even safer.Shorter skis and helmets have helped decrease the rate of ski injuries over the last 10 years, but the average number of people who die on America's slopes every year has remained flat at about 40. Researchers
  • PUMPING IRON - How to lift without injury

    Wear appropriate footwear and clothing. It's a popular trend to wear toe socks, but that's a good way to get your toes broken. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes and shoes that cover your toes.Do a proper warm-up. It's easy to injure cold muscles, so you need a good 10-minute warm up before getting started. But be sure to warm up the muscles