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SURFACE-TO-AIR DISTRACTED DRIVING "MISSILE" The 14th Flying Training Wing safety team from Columbus Air Force Base, Miss., created this video paralleling getting ready to drive a car and preparing to fly a formation sortie in the wing's T-38 Talon jets. Whether in a cockpit or behind the wheel of a car, there's no place for distracted driving.
DRIVING BLIND? Attention Deficit - For one terrifying moment, it was like she was driving blind. This senior airman had gotten distracted while behind the wheel and rolled her car. See how she fared.
Air Education and Training Command Commander Lt. Gen. Darryl Roberson warns Airmen about the perils of distracted driving -- especially texting while driving.
This dramatic reenactment of a fatal texting and driving mishap that cost a man his bride-to-be is based on a true story. SHOW MORE
STREET DREAMS - Three Airmen discuss narrowly avoiding 'dirt naps' after falling asleep at the wheel.
CAUGHT ON NANNY CAM: BOILER TURNS INTO BOMB! As this video demonstrates, boilers and water heaters should be checked once a year. View the video to see what happened and how it could have been prevented.
THE SKY'S THE LIMIT? Well it very nearly was for the skydivers in these two videos. In the first, a man has a seizure while in freefall and has to be rescued by his instructor. In the second, a tandem jump goes sideways when a plane nearly cuts the jumpers in half.
You've read his story; now hear from Lt. Hunter directly as he talks about his night of binge drinking that ended with a 40-foot fall from a tree. ... Check out this latest A2A (Airman-to-Airman) video installment.
BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE: An officer climbed a 110-foot cottonwood while drunk, then passed out and fell 40 feet. He broke 25 bones, including 20 in his back.
MISSING DAN: When a violent twister battered a small town in Arkansas, a dad's heroic efforts to save his children cost him his own life.
TECHOLOGY KEY TO REDUCING VEHICLE DEATHS: A vehicle that won't let you start your car if you've had too much to drink or haven't fastened your seat belt? An automobile that employs collision avoidance to help compensate for human error? These features aren't so far-fetched and may be closer to being employed then you may think.
THEY NEVER SAW IT COMING: When these movie-goers pulled out their cell phones in the theater, they got a big surprise.
LIFE DOESN'T REWIND: Based on an actual event, this reenactment offers a dramatic glimpse of the dangers of heat stress, with some sage advice from Gen. Robin Rand, commander, Air Education and Training Command, as we head into the summer months.
FIVE VITAL WARNING LIGHTS: AOL Auto takes a closer look at five vehicle warning lights that drivers need to know for their safety ... and their pocketbook!
OUT OF FUEL, OUT OF TIME: Pilot gets one chance to land
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GySgt Thomas J. Sullivan Remembrance Run
The Airmen and Family Readiness Center and computer lab are closed Tuesday Aug. 7, but will reopen Wednesday Aug. 8 at 1 p.m.
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People Watching at the 2018 Great New England Air and Space Show
No Smoking on the flight line at the Great New England Air and Space Show
Dedication of Westover's first C-5M - July 2018
Faces of Westover - Major Susan McSpadden, 337th Airlift Squadron
2018 Westover Air Show Highlights with music