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    Listed below are findings from actual mishaps in which aircrew members were pressing the limit and caused a serious accident for no reason. In these cases, electing to continue, despite the warning signs, led to worse situations. The mission was not accomplished, and we only put people and equipment in harm's way. All warning systems were
  • GO OR NO GO! - Electing to continue flight can be flirting with disaster

    So there I was over the Yellow Sea off the coast of Kunsan, Korea, beginning an engagement called basic fighter maneuvers ... better known as "dogfights." This should be an easy kill because I'm a new F-16 instructor pilot, and I am invincible. There's nothing I can't handle. I've been slapped around so much lately by old instructor pilots in the
  • WAITING TO INHALE - Officer blacks out 30-feet below

    When we couldn't find them in the murky bay, we made the decision to head for the surface. But as we ascended, it just kept getting darker and darker. I checked my depth gauge. Eighty feet? With sudden terror, we realized we hadn't been going up at all! We were sinking ... fast! We'd gone an extra 65 feet in the wrong direction, and the worst was
  • PRACTICING SAFE SIX - Lessons learned from extreme sporting event

    Arrive with a plan and stick to it. Altering the plan on the fly probably means you are not prepared to do the activity you are considering. If something seems like a bad idea, it probably is. Listen to that sixth sense and make sound decisions. Use the right tool for the job. If you're not equipped for the task at hand, stop what you're
  • TEMPTED BY THE 'OTHER WOMEN' - Chief nearly makes a wrong turn following one of his passions

    Her classic looks quickly caught my eye. Then, the more I got to know her, my desire grew. Sometimes the "other woman" can be an irresistible temptress. My "mistress"? ... A 1972 Ford Bronco.Early in my Air Force career, I developed an appreciation and passion for the Ford Bronco produced between 1966 and 1977. The look and power of these little
  • MESSIN' WITH PARADISE - Civil Air Patrol warns residents and tourists of incoming threat

    In February 2010, Hawaii dodged a bullet when an 8.8-magnitude earthquake rocked Chile. Forecasters said that quake should have generated a tsunami that would pummel the Hawaiian Islands. Instead, it wasn't more than a ripple.Then, just over a year later on March 11, a 9.0-magnitude quake caused a tsunami that devastated north-east Japan. Again,
  • ARKANSAS TWISTER! - Herculean effort lifts base after EF-2 tornado

    Dark clouds swirled overhead as sirens wailed into the night signaling the impending arrival of a tornado.Base housing residents had enough advance warning to gather their loved ones into a safe place before the tornado struck Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark., April 25, as forecasters from the 19th Operations Support Squadron's weather flight
  • PEDAL TO THE METAL - Airman still rides motorcycle after losing leg in crash

    Lying there in the road with the cold bite of winter making him shiver, Staff Sgt. Kevin Barton couldn't understand why this lady didn't want him to get up. He knew he'd been in an accident, but he wanted to stand and do a quick inventory of his "baby" ... a custom 2004 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200. But the stranger kept insisting he stay lying
  • Thinking About Running a Marathon?

    Here are 12 tips to help you finish1. Pick your shoes carefully. Shoes can change your stride and form. The wrong shoe can cause blisters and more serious injuries.2. Wear the right clothing. A good wicking fabric is much better than cotton.3. Wear bright colors. Always assume drivers can't see you, and try to make yourself more visible.4. Wear an
  • IT AIN'T OVER! 'TIL IT'S OVER! - Pilot gets uninvited guest during fini-flight ... a turkey vulture

    Enjoying my fini-flight Nov. 10, I looked forward to a fantastic finish to my T-1A Jayhawk flying stintwith Air Education and Training Command.Then the bottom fell out.We planned a formation out and back from Randolph Air Force Base, Texas, to David Wayne Hooks Airport in Houston with a simulated air refueling sortie on the front half and a