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    A boating accident left 1st Lt. Ryan McGuire with a below-the-knee amputation of his right leg. His indomitable spirit led him to the Warrior Games.When 1st Lt. Ryan McGuire crossed the finish line in fourth place in the 1,500-meter run, he was out of breath and in pain. But he'd felt worse ... much worse. So between gulps of thin air on the track
  • Snow-blind

    Fifteen years after it happened, an amazing rescue of three Icelandic men trapped in a blizzard still stands out in the helicopter pilot's memory.With furious 60 mph winds blowing snow so hard that they would choke on it when they opened their mouths to talk or breath, the three Icelandic hikers knew they were in serious trouble.They had set out on

    Our Air Force has many traditions. Some we inherited from other services; others are more recent and will take time to fully develop. Traditions are positive things, deeply rooted in our heritage and pride. Traditions are things we don't easily give up.One of our traditions, however, isn't often recognized as "positive" and doesn't get the applause
  • Bolt from Above

    Lightning struck an instructor and three students from Detachment 3, 342nd Training Squadron, Hurlburt Field, Fla., during a training exercise at the nearby Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., range Feb. 22.Staff Sgt. John Dean, the 31-year-old instructor, suffered serious wounds and had to be hospitalized for 48 hours and placed on quarters for 14 days.
  • Lightning in a Bottle

    Melvin Clemmons doesn't claim to have super powers, but he has been touched by the heavens. He got struck by lightning and, miraculously, suffered no long-term ill effects."A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work!" trumpets a jovial Melvin L. Clemmons Jr. to all who will listen. But Mother Nature put that theory to the test one summer
  • HIDDEN ENEMIES - Ten ways to end up at the clinic while deployed

    When deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan, many Airmen feel threatened by enemy snipers, improvised explosive devices or even driving mishaps in a foreign land. But there are some hidden enemies that can threaten life and limb as well.1. Sports: Sprained ankles, broken noses and fingers are the fastest way to a medical evacuation. Don't let
  • 'MK-1 EYEBALL' - The best piece of 'equipment' to avoid a midair collision

    We flew. We saw. We avoided.Only when flying, that's not always the case. As far back as you can remember, the "Mk-1 eyeball" has not let you down. The concept of scanning is probably first identified as "important to remember" during infancy when you initially run your "nugget" into non-moving objects strewn around your play space (like chairs,
  • THE CATCH - Eighth-grader snags 2-year-old boy

    Cary Clevenger says this will be his last year of football. At 5-foot-1, 105 pounds, the eighth-grader has deemed himself a bit too small to continue in the sport he started four years ago. After a catch that captivated the nation, however, perhaps the receiver should reconsider.Fourteen-year-old Cary snagged 2-year-old Cannon Jamison out of midair
  • THE SCORPION QUEEN - Airman barely survives sting from one of world's most venomous creatures

    Alot of Airmen are given nicknames or call signs for various reasons, but Staff Sgt. Monique Munro-Harris can honestly say she earned hers. She's known as "The Scorpion Queen." And all she had to do to claim that title was nearly die.Deployed to KirkukRegional AirBase,Iraq, in August 2006 to support the fight against terrorism, Munro-Harris knew
  • AMERICAN VS. SWISS CHEESE - Refocusing on pilot error, the real threat

    American cheese versus Swiss cheese can send your taste buds into a mouth-watering dilemma when it comes to hamburgers and hoagies. It turns out these sandwich complements also can spark debate in flying safety circles when it comes to the study of human factors in aviation mishaps.In the pursuit of understanding pilots and aircraft accidents, the