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  • Choose to celebrate safely this Independence Day

    While the Fourth of July holiday weekend can be perfect opportunity to relax and spend time with family and friends, this extended holiday weekend also has become one of the deadliest in the United States. From increases in drinking and driving to a dramatic spike in fireworks mishaps, most of the

  • Teens don’t drive as much as they used to … and that can kill our troops

    An investigation into a recent Department of Defense tactical vehicle rollover crash that left two servicemembers dead and 15 injured revealed the driver had been going too fast while trying to negotiate a 90-degree turn at a traffic light. However, it also uncovered a less apparent cause. While the

  • 101 Critical Days of Summer

    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio – As the weather improves, outdoor and higher risk activities escalate. By countering identified risky activities through planning, preparation, and response, negative outcomes of activities can be minimized.During the summer season of 2023, the Air and Space

  • 101 Critical Days of Summer promotes risk management on and off duty

    Each summer, many of us find ourselves driving to the beach to soak up the sun, feel the hot sand beneath our feet, and beat the heat by racing into the cool ocean waves. However, these particular summer past-times include three of the biggest risks during the 101 Critical Days of Summer: driving,

  • ASAP | Airman Safety App

    The Airman Safety App, or ASAP, provides Airmen the opportunity to report safety-related risks and close calls using the Airman Safety Action Report. Anyone, anywhere, with almost any device can quickly and easily report safety-related problems involving personnel, equipment or property.

  • Should Daylight Saving Time go the way of the Dodo bird?

    Daylight Saving Time, the dreaded “spring forward” version, is upon us. At 2 a.m. March 10 most of us push our clocks ahead 60 minutes and promptly lose a precious hour of sleep. This has many people wishing Daylight Saving Time would go the way of the Dodo bird … extinct. And with the accompanying