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  • Creating optimal conditions for optimal sleep

    To demonstrate peak human performance in the classroom and on the field, Airmen need not only physical exercise, good study habits, a healthy diet but quality sleep as well. The 334th Training Squadron partnered with the 59th Medical Wing to conduct a sleep study to determine the effects of a

  • How to build a hurricane kit

    As hurricane season approaches, the safety and preparedness of Keesler and the surrounding communities is paramount. Hurricanes often leave buildings severely damaged, flooded and have the potential to knock out utilities, so having a well-stocked hurricane kit can make a significant difference in

  • Empowering Airmen for Mental Health Awareness Month

    Since 1949, May has been nationally designated as Mental Health Awareness Month in an effort to break the stigma around discussing mental health and celebrate recovery from mental illness.For military members, the month is also about taking ownership and doing what is necessary to possess a sound

  • Beyond the table, behind the label and Operation Supplement Safety

    National Nutrition Month aims to educate people about making informed food choices while also developing healthy eating and physical activity habits. This year’s theme is “Beyond the Table”, highlighting the places and ways we consume outside of the dining room.

  • Bazaar of Falcons land at Keesler

    A group of falcons is known as a “Bazaar” and “Falcons” from across Second Air Force gathered here Sept. 5-8 under their commander, Maj. Gen. Michele Edmondson, to focus on the future of Air Force technical training and developing a Sixth-Generation Learning Ecosystem to better prepare Airmen for

  • How to have fun in the sun

    The summer season presents opportunities for Airmen to get out and have fun in the sun while keeping in mind preventative measures for heat safety.Mississippi averages high temperatures in the summer months, with some days reaching over 100 degrees.To support readiness and remain fit to fight,