• Published
  • By Gen. William R. Looney III
Air Education and Training Command's "Operation Summer Survivor -- Zero in on Safety" is running in conjunction with the "101 Critical Days of Summer," from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day (May 25 through Sept. 4). Sadly, the Air Force lost 18 Airmen during the 2006 campaign. However, this was a 38 percent reduction from the previous year, and we must continue to be diligent in our efforts to prevent the loss of the Air Force's most valuable resource: Our Airmen.

Last year's relative success -- and the key to an even safer 2007 ­-- centers on leadership embracing a culture of safety. From higher headquarters' inspections, staff assistance visits and my trips around the command, I know our supervisors are faithfully engaged in driving the safety message home and boosting our efforts. Remaining involved and committed to the well-being of our Airmen will guarantee the greatest chance for success in the coming days.

I'm excited about our "Operation Summer Survivor -- Zero in on Safety" campaign. Safety offices throughout AETC are receiving well-timed safety material via dedicated Web sites and communities of practice. We currently have 30,000 Torch calendars on the street and sent out more than 17,000 copies of this May/June 2007 issue of Torch Magazine.

We have been planning for "Operation Summer Survivor -- Zero in on Safety" for quite a while. Well before the campaign kicked off, I asked commanders and supervisors to dedicate a couple of hours prior to Memorial Day weekend to discuss mishap prevention within their organizations. Now I ask that all of you continue these discussions as the summer progresses. The message should be clear and consistent: We want all our people to enjoy the summer, but survive it safely!