Civilian Resource Center improves mental health, resiliency

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Kailee Reynolds
  • 47th Flying Training Wing

A Civilian Resource Center has been established at Building 190 next to the flight line Oct. 4, 2023.

This Civilian Resource Center was opened in order to provide health and overall wellness resources specifically focused on members of the 47th Flying Training Wing Maintenance Directorate, but is available for every civilian on base . Providing time and space for resiliency activities and education improves resiliency and helps our Airmen thrive. 

"Our 47th Maintenance Directorate has the largest civilian workforce on base, and we noticed that their tight schedules and shift work became barriers to accessing support programs and services," said Lisa Roof, 47th Flying Training Wing prevention analyst. "Our idea was to make it easier for them to access resources and to bring additional programs and services such as the Civilian Health Promotion Services and the Air Force Employee Assistance Program to them."

The Center's close proximity to the flight line allows these busy maintainers easy access whenever they need to take time for their wellbeing and resilience.

"Our maintainers are the backbone of our aviation operation," said Alejandro Gomez, 47th Flying Training Wing director of staff. "Laughlin has just graduated 100% of our fiscal year 2023 goal of 415 student pilots; and every one of those graduates were lifted by the hands of the maintainers here on the flight line."

The goal of this location is to provide a safe space for Laughlin's civilian force to relax, gain insight on professional development, and find resources to reach out to for any issues/questions that they have.

Features of the building include massage chairs, game boards, internet, computers, professional development books, Air Force service pamphlets, including from the Military and Family Readiness Center and the Sexual Prevention Center, and much more.

"We're working to ensure that our folks here have the right language to articulate administrative and leadership requirements; and to protect and help them along the journey of growing their own careers and resilience," said Gomez.