6 ‘Things I Could Have Done to Prevent the Crash’

● I could have flown into Hawthorne Airport with an instructor the first time.

● with the fog layer, I could have denied the approach and flown to an alternate airport to see if the weather was more cooperative there.

● I could have turned around and flown back to Glendale, Ariz. I always carried the max fuel, so I would have options in case of diversions.

● I could have been more familiar with the aircraft. This includes flight time and having flown practice instrument approaches in it.

● I could have slowed down. While the tower would have been upset, I was the pilot in command, and the ultimate responsibility to get on the ground safely was mine.

● I could have left earlier in the day. This would have lowered the chance of fog and raised the opportunity that I arrived during daylight.

-- David Berling