Tips for Driving in a Convoy ... or on the Highway

  • Wear seat belts. Seat belts save lives on the highway and in combat convoys. It can be cumbersome for Airmen wearing flak jackets, backpacks, weapons and other equipment, but it's vitally important to their survival.
  • Keep a proper interval distance between vehicles. This is good advice whether you are driving on the highway or in a combat convoy, as it leaves proper stopping distance and prevents mishaps. However, it is especially imperative in combat convoys for two big reasons: 1) Fully loaded tractor trailers require greater stopping distances than your average highway vehicle; and 2) If an improvised explosive device goes off and you are following too closely, it could cost the convoy two vehicles instead of just one.
  • Prevent rollovers. Vehicle rollovers cause many fatalities. They are especially prevalent in deployments. Not being comfortable with the type of vehicle you're driving; losing situational awareness and driving off-road; driving on steep slopes or hitting potholes; stopping or turning too quickly; speeding; panicking and overcorrecting by jerking and steering wheel; and lack of driving discipline (goofing off) can all lead to lethal rollovers.
-- Staff Sgt. Wayne Tokarz
BC3 cadre instructor