• First and foremost, wearing a helmet while bicycling is an invaluable tool that can save your life in the event of an accident.
  • If you cycle at night, at a minimum, have one bright light each for the front and rear of your bike so other drivers can see you. I always carry two lights mounted on the front of my bike and maybe a helmet-headlamp if traveling on country roads. For the rear, I carry two red lights mounted on the rear of my bike and one light for my backpack (if carrying one). Also, a reflective vest is a good idea.
  • Never assume the right of way. Always assume that drivers don't see you and anticipate anything -- like a dog or a deer popping out in front of you while cycling full speed downhill or a teen texting while driving.
  • Always set the example: Don't run stoplights; don't take up the entire lane when unnecessary; be mindful of drivers; and know state traffic laws.
  • It is always a risk to go out and bike. Enjoy the ride, but be aware of the risks and avoid complacency. Have a healthy respect of the road.
-- 2nd Lt. Neil B. Samson