Here is a list of the seven summits the Air Force team has set its sights on. They have already topped five of the peaks.
1. EUROPE: Mount Elbrus, Russia, 18,481 feet. Status: Completed July 2005.
2. AFRICA: Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, 19,330 feet. Status: Completed July 2006.
3. SOUTH AMERICA: Aconcagua, Argentina, 22,841 feet. Status: Completed February 2007.
4. NORTH AMERICA: Mount McKinley, Alaska, 20,327 feet. Status: Completed June 2008.
5. ANTARCTICA: Mount Vinson, Sentinel Range, 16,077 feet. Status: Completed December 2010.
6. AUSTRALIA: Mawson Peak, Heard Island, 9,006 feet. Status: Tentatively scheduled for fall of 2011.
7. ASIA: Mount Everest, Nepal-Tibet, China, border, 29,029 feet. Status: Tentatively scheduled for summer 2012.