HURT ON THE HUNT - A dozen hazards that can get you injured or killed this hunting season

  1. Falls from slippery mountain terrain, deer stands or trees.
  2. Getting shot by other hunters, yourself or a hunting dog knocking over a loaded weapon.
  3. Gun noise that is loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss.
  4. Eye damage or sunburn from the sun's ultraviolet rays.
  5. Getting lost in the wilderness.
  6. Cutting yourself with a knife while dressing out the kill or falling on the blade.
  7. Hypothermia if you forget matches or don't have proper survival gear.
  8. Dehydration if not enough water (snow is not a good substitute as it can cause body temperature to lower to dangerous levels).
  9. Attacks by animals and not just mountain lions, bears or snakes. Deer, elk, moose and hogs, for example, can make for nasty opponents, as well.
  10. Drowning. Hunters are often near or even on the water. There is always
  11. ATV mishaps.
  12. Not using the buddy system.
--- International Hunter Education Association and Air Education and Training Command Ground Safety Division