1. Tower collapse (on-duty industrial): On Nov. 12, 2010, a 23-year-old senior airman volunteered to assist with a portable communications tower. While extending the tower to full height, it collapsed on and killed the Airman.

2. Drowning (off-duty miscellaneous): On Feb. 27, a 24-year-old second lieutenant was discovered floating in the Gulf of Mexico. He was fully clothed and had his wallet and keys. It is believed he fell in the gulf after consuming large quantities of alcohol, as his blood alcohol content was .21.

3. Bicycle collision with dump truck (off-duty PMV): On March 11, a 44-year-old major was riding his bicycle when he struck a dump truck making a right turn in front of him. He was wearing a helmet.

4. Pedestrian hit by vehicle (off-duty PMV): On March 26, a 22-year-old airman first class was walking on the shoulder of an unlighted roadway at 12:45 a.m. when an intoxicated civilian driver hit him. The Airman was thrown into oncoming traffic and struck by another vehicle. The Airman's blood alcohol content was .298; the driver's was .1.

5/6. Light aircraft crash (off-duty sports and rec): On April 17, two second lieutenants were flying a Christen Eagle home-built aircraft and performing aerobatics when the aircraft impacted the ground. Both sustained fatal injuries.

7. Struck by tractor trailer (off-duty PMV): On April 24, a couple, both airmen first class, were traveling on the interstate when they were run off the road by one tractor trailer and then struck by another. The 21-year-old wife, who was the driver, received fatal injuries, while her husband, age 20, was treated for minor injuries. Both wore seat belts.

8. Blown tire (off-duty PMV): On Sept. 3, an Airman was driving his vehicle with a female passenger, also an Airman, when a tire blew out causing the vehicle to roll. The driver, who was not wearing his seat belt, was ejected from the vehicle, causing him to suffer fatal injuries. The passenger, who was wearing a seat belt, sustained only minor injuries.

9. Head-on collision with ambulance (off-duty PMV): On Sept. 5, an airman basic attending technical school was driving with three passengers. The Airman reached for his cell phone, which he'd dropped on the floorboard while using its GPS app. While distracted, he crossed the centerline and collided head-on with an ambulance. The Airman and two of his passengers suffered fatal injuries. The third passenger and ambulance personnel sustained minor injuries.

--- AETC Ground Safety Division