Dave and Loida Stack felt they made some mistakes that contributed to their grandson's drowning death. Here are five water warnings, any one of which could have saved their grandson's life. They hope people take them to heart.

1. Teach yourself and your children to swim, and learn a survival float, as well. Take swim lessons.

2. Use a flotation device -- especially in lakes, oceans and rivers, where poor visibility, drop-offs and currents add to the danger. Life vests are not just for little kids; older kids and adults need them as well.
3. Talk about the risks each and every time you and your loved ones enter the water. Set limitations, and remind everyone to keep an eye on each other.

4. Don't get distracted by other activities, such as grilling or setting up camp, and allow that to divert your eyes from those in the water.

5. Don't get complacent just because you are dealing with older kids or adults. Everyone who enters the water needs a buddy who watches their back.

-- Tim Barela