1. Firearms and alcohol or drugs (including the prescription kind) do not mix.
2. Never point the muzzle of a gun at anything you don't intend to shoot.
3. When hunting in a party, always point the muzzle in a safe direction.
4. Leave on the safety until you are ready to shoot.
5. Know your target and what's beyond your target.
6. Sharpen your gun handling skills by attending a formal hunter-safety course.
7. Treat every firearm as if it's loaded.
8. Always use common-sense principles when in the woods.
9. Carry a compass, cell phone, matches, food, water, etc., with you just in case.
10. Finally, remember that the most valuable tool you have for guaranteeing everyone's safety, including your own, when hunting is between your ears. Use your head, watch the actions of fellow hunters, and correct them on the spot if you feel a situation is becoming dangerous.
-- Compiled from Hunter's Safety Course