Here are synopses of the seven Air Force mishaps that ended up in lost digits from Oct. 15 to Jan. 7 this fiscal year. Three of the seven happened in Air Education and Training Command.

1. Oct. 15: A 52-year-old civilian amputated his left ring finger while attempting to open a manhole cover with an unauthorized tool. The 200-pound cover fell on his hand.

2. Nov. 8: A 22-year-old airman first class severed his left index finger when he got it pinched between pieces of metal while disassembling an aircraft maintenance stand.

3. Nov. 16: A 28-year-old staff sergeant was riding a motorcycle when he rear-ended another motorcyclist who had to slam on his brakes after being cut off by another vehicle. The sergeant was ejected from the bike, severing two-thirds of his right thumb as he skidded along the asphalt. (AETC)

4. Dec. 19: A 26-year-old first lieutenant lacerated his right middle finger on the unguarded blade of a table saw. Doctor's later had to surgically amputate the damaged digit. (AETC)

5. Dec. 21: A 19-year-old airman first class crushed and severed his left middle fingertip while moving a large pallet on a non-Department of Defense aircraft.

6. Dec. 27: While trying to align a door that was binding, a 51-year-old civilian caught his left pinky finger between the door and wall, severing his fingertip.

7. Jan 7: A 24-year-old staff sergeant caught his right index finger in a vehicle winch, amputating the digit above the second knuckle. (AETC)